On The Issues

Fixing our roads and keeping Warwick beautiful

I will bring a renewed focus to road maintenance & beautification in our neighborhoods. Our Ward has been put on the backburner too often, with much of the city’s construction efforts and resources for betterment having been focused on City Centre, Apponaug, Governor Francis, Cowesett, and other wealthier neighborhoods, along with more commercialized areas. While a few streets are being resurfaced here, there are many, many more that need immediate attention – it’s time to stop putting cold-patch asphalt over deeper problems.


Working Together for Better Schools

I will strive to work with the School Committee to improve our schools using my knowledge and experience as a former teacher and K-12 graduate of Warwick Public Schools (Norwood, Aldrich, Pilgrim). There has been a divide between the City Council and School Committee for too long; we have to work together to improve our neighborhood schools.


Superior Services while Trimming Taxes

I will attempt to strike a balance between stable taxes & superior city services. I would advocate expansion of the tax base and bring more business to the city. One means is to continue to build our relationship with RIAC to bring more abandoned properties around the airport back onto the tax rolls (e.g., the Enterprise facility on the site of the dome). This would help minimize the impact of property tax revaluation on homeowners and small businesses while ensuring our city services are of superior quality.


Home-Rule Charter

Warwick is the only major city in Rhode Island that is still hobbled by a Legislative Charter. This is an obstacle to making common-sense reforms that will make our city work smarter and better. Under the current Legislative Charter, amendments must go before the General Assembly, making the concerns of Warwick residents into a political football for politicians in Providence. As a member of the Charter Review Commission, and hopefully as Councilor, I want to bring that authority back home.